LIVE 3" to 5" COLONY of Codium Fragile Macro Algae- Dead Mans Finger View larger

LIVE Frag 1" to 2" COLONY of Codium Fragile Macro Algae- Dead Mans Finger



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LIVE Frag 1" to 2" COLONY of Codium Fragile Macro Algae- Dead Mans Finger 


This algae features very rich dark green, cylindrical branches connected by a single holdfast to rocks, shell fragments and other hard objects. The branching is irregular and features soft fuzzy filaments at the tips resembling the fingers of a sponge, it can provide a hiding place / perch for crabs & shrimps and will do best when wedged between two rocks in moderate flow at low / mid tank height and does best in cooler semi shaded areas. A colony can grow as large as 12" tall. This particular macro algae is not palatable to fish or invertebrates so it can be kept in the main display tank with no issues. This is also a suitable species for growing in a refugium. 

This macro can be grown under a variety of light sources. This macro is currently growing in a multi chamber system with high power targeted fluorescent and mixed spectrum LED lighting. 

Codium is a genus of seaweed in the Chlorophyta of the Order Bryopsidales. There are about 50 species worldwide. 

Please be home to receive shipment as we will not be responsible if it is left overnight or for any duration in the hot sun or cold. All macros are thermal sealed and individually wrapped in a single package.

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