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ATM Colony Professional Grade Nitrifying Bacteria Marine / Freshwater Aquarium Supplement,



The One That Works

Utilizing authentic true nitrifying bacteria, Colony establishes bio-filtration in days instead of weeks.
As trusted by public aquariums around the world, including Sea Life centers, Colony’s claim to fame is through results proven in every corner of the globe and in a variety of systems.

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“True” Nitrifying Bacteria: The Real Thing

Treats 100 gallons. Establishes biofiltration in days instead of weeks. Colony for Marine contains Nitrococcus & Nitrosococcus bacteria, which are specific for the freshwater environment.

  • Contains Nitrococcus & Nitrosococcus bacteria, which are specific for the saltwater environment
  • Safe for all wildlife
  • Real nitrifying bacteria establishes instant biofiltration
  • Neutralizes ammonia and nitrite spikes naturally

Only aerobic autotrophs perform bio-filtration as we want it in an aquarium, so not just any bacteria will do. Colony has the right stuff for the right job.
Historically, establishing bio-filtration has been a multi-week process. As true nitrifying bacteria are slow reproducers, this wait is necessary for colonies to grow large enough to effectively perform bio-filtration with a full bio-load. Colony effectively fast-forwards the process by pre-culturing these bacteria and delivering a fully intact bio-filter into any new aquarium.

Bottles Treat

  • Colony Nitrifying Bacteria Saltwater 4oz. treats 12.5gal. 
  • Colony Nitrifying Bacteria Saltwater 8oz. treats 25gal. 
  • Colony Nitrifying Bacteria Saltwater 16oz. treats 50gal.
  • Colony Nitrifying Bacteria Saltwater 32oz. treats 100gal. 
  • Colony Nitirifying Bacteria Freshwater 4oz. treats 25gal
  • Colony Nitirifying Bacteria Freshwater 8oz. treats 50gal.
  • Colony Nitrifying Bacteria Freshwater 16oz. treats 100gal
  • Colony Nitrifying Bacteria Freshwater 32oz. treats 200gal

To rapidly establish bio-filtration in new aquarium


  • After medicating
  • When adding new livestock
  • Replacing media

Does Colony Work?

Yes, Colony works. Trusted by even public aquariums, ATM delivers a product of integrity and exceptional track record. There are many industries that do not have the luxury of waiting weeks and weeks to establish bio-filtration. How do they do it? Just like this.




  • pH: 7.4-8.0
  • Temperature: 74-86 F
  • Total Alkalinity: 90+
  • Salinity: 0-5 ppt
  • Dose 4oz per 25 gal
  • (Nitrosomonas, NItrobacter)


  • pH: 7.9-8.3
  • Temperature: 74-86 F
  • Total Alkalinity: 90+
  • Salinity: 6+ ppt
  • Dose 4oz per 12 gal
  • (Nitrosococcus, Nitrococcus)

Prior To Application
Prior to adding ATM Colony™ you must turn off UV sterilizers, protein skimmers,and ozone generators for 4-5 days to protect still free-floating bacteria. Make sure water has been dechlorinatred. Utilizing ATM Barrier™ Classic or ATM Paradigm™ All Natural water conditioners will speed up the attachment of nitrifying bacteria.

The following steps, while conducted in the optimum application environment*, will allow
Colony to establish bio-filtration in less than a week while keeping your fish safe. Results
may vary in conditions out of the optimum application environment.

  1. Make sure optimum application environment is achieved
  2. Add ATM Colony™ with fish at recommended dosage
  3. Feed once lightly then temporarily discontinue feeding **
  4. Monitor ammonia and nitrite daily during cycling process
  5. When nitrites lower to at or near zero, slowly increase feeding to normal levels

* In environments where the pH, temperature, and total alkalinity are below optimum, nitrifying
bacteria will work less efficiently resulting in slower conversion and requiring a much
larger colony of nitrifying bacteria.
** Light feeding is one of the keys to a successful instant cycle. Less food means less
ammonia and nitrite. This prevents large spikes that can be dangerous to fish over time
while allowing the nitrifying bacteria to feed and flourish.

Additional Tips And Considerations

ATM Colony™ contains aerobic autotroph bacteria. Therefore, increased aeration in the bio-media area will increase activity of the nitrifying bacteria greatly.
Many nitrate test kits read a minimum of 5.0 ppm. Therefore, dropping nitrite will be evidence of present nitrate if it is still too low for the test kit to measure.
In low pH freshwater aquariums, it is best to cycle the aquarium with ATM Colony™ in its optimum application environment. After the aquarium is cycled, slowly lower pH over time to the target environment. This is necessary to give the nitrifying bacteria time to multiply to a colony large enough to convert ammonia and nitrite quickly.

Essential Technical Information

Copper Resistance
The true nitrifying bacteria in ATM Colony™ can resist up to .20 mg/l. A drop off in nitrification will occur after introducing copper, but will return to normal soon.

Items Not Safe With ATM Colony™
Antibiotics, chlorine, chloramine, benzalkonium chloride, potassium permanganate, formalin, copper, malachite green, methylene blue and acriflavine. It is always best to inquire with ATM’s biological specialists about any new products on the market not listed and that you are unsure about.

ATM Colony™ is compatible with all ATM Pro Formulas. It is recommended that ATM Colony™ is not used in conjunction with SFS/SFB based water conditioners that destroy ammonia and nitrite. These conditioners utilize reducing agents that result in unstable food source for the bacteria and deplete oxygen in higher doses which inhibits the aerobic true nitrifying bacteria in ATM Colony™ .

ATM Colony is easy to understand, easy to use, and best of all, gets the results you want.

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